Get a piece of extreme into your tank!

J4, Flowerhorns, LLC A family run business whose goal is to provide quality flowerhorns here in the US. 

We also sell fish tank equipment, food, vitamins, medication and all other essentials for your beloved fish. We can ship anywhere in the US using UPS ( overnight shipping ) or Same Day Southwest Cargo.

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As you are aware we strive to supply the highest quality of livestock possible so we give you an arrive alive guarantee.

For any livestock that has died due to health or heat pack malfunction by the time it arrives to you then simply take photographs and or video footage of the deceased fish still in the bag unopened and contact us. Needs to an hour upon delivery.


Shipping is non-refundable.


Order cancellations incur 5% restocking fee. Dealing with live animals is always a risk. We guarantee live arrival for Airport-to-Airport and overnight shipping ONLY.


Once your fish arrive we recommend that you firstly open and check your new arrivals immediately as once we receive your delive